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Why is my headphones listening to music? Change friends headset is different

Now people listen to music, has become a habit, many people like to hang an ear plug in the ear all day, for people who like to listen to music, occasionally change the headphones to listen to, and sometimes will find a friend's headphones to listen Song, the sound is beats earphones really not the same, will be more sweet, more full, more layered, in fact, his headset is more suitable for the type of song you play, as well as its headset resolution is stronger, naturally better than your headphones, What kind of headphones suitable for listening to what song, see IT buyers described below. Usually like to listen to more music, or a higher voice requirements of the friends, you beats earphones can try this, it is more dominant in the human voice, using a double dynamic circle and moving iron combination, usually headphones can not hear the sound details , It almost can be shown, the overall sound will be more full and sweet, while the popular song bass effect will be very good. Now is the era of K song, many girls have K songs good habit, it is designed beats by dre studio specifically for the K song girls, with a very wizard and stylish appearance and bright colors, with a high-definition microphone, Can be different scenes can be a come at any time. Professional sound of the metal sound field, sounds more texture, can reduce the number of unnecessary noise, suitable for listening to pop songs and rock and roll.

Like the movement of people, or recommend the election of a sports headset, which is a section of sports headphones, with ear-style plus ear-style design, give us a very beats solo stable sense of wearing a sense of ear jacket with a variety of soft Headset sets, give us a very good wearing comfort. Using a dual drive acoustic unit, gives us a clear change in the rich sound effects.