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When is it important to distinguish between headphones?

Take any headphones we will find that the headset will be marked "R" and "L", but we must follow this standard to wear it? If the anti-wear, will have a sense of hearing it? Compared to in-ear headphones, it is easier for people to wear flat head plugs and headphones L / R channel. The human ear for the perception of the sound is because the person in the environment, I believe we have seen in the film and television drama is listening to sing, generally with "pig" halo, almost all this skill, eyes closed, Move the ears, beats by dre cheap you can tell the enemy from which the position out, the last blow killed. Headphones as one of the means to restore the sound field, through the left and right channels to restore and build such a multi-directional sound field environment, people more hall sense. The recording by a large number of pick up the environment sound, as much as possible to restore the live sound. In listening to the symphony when the special feelings, the location of each musicians are prescribed, that is, so that we may hear a variety of musical instruments, from far and near, if they are chaotic booth, the result is the sound will Very mixed, messy, no sense of hierarchy. As the saying goes, "not afraid of God like opponents afraid beats headphones on sale of pig-like teammates," headphones around the channel wear in your opinion may be a very small thing, but play the game, really my God line You put the sound transferred to a larger, serious fight when the enemy suddenly heard the footsteps on the right, just ready to start the bombing, and turned to look at the original teammates, and then, you over.

Wearing a loud-minded headset to watch movies is a particularly wonderful thing, but if you watch the movie if the headset wears against, I believe your world will be messy, the film which is often appear along the source of the sound Things, to conduct a voice of the derivation, but the channel wearing a counter, then embarrassing, there will be sound beats headphones cheap in the left, things in the right phenomenon, then you will be estimated that halo off the food. But occasionally with the headset with a look, but also to long-term adaptation to the same voice to the ear a little bit of beats by dre stimulation. But will bring their own unexpected auditory enjoyment and music sense of space.