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Sound speaker big secret! What material is the strongest?

"In the history of the development of more than 100 years of speaker, material selection, beats headphones cheap process and structure, etc. have been changing the different materials and quality to create different sound characteristics, but also have their own advantages and disadvantages.

At present, the popular speaker on the market diaphragm material cone, plastic, metal and synthetic fiber four. Paper cone diaphragm appears the earliest, but also the most common speaker diaphragm material, now has a very mature technical standards. The production process is roughly as follows, the pulp into the design of a good mold, dry and then a series of follow-up processing. Specific material composition, proportion, processing methods, each brand is different, belong to their trade secrets. The sound characteristics beats by dre studio of this diaphragm smooth natural, few distinctive parts of the stimulus, in line with the taste of most people. Because the internal fibers are intertwined, the vibrations of the sound during the transmission process can be quickly absorbed, so the damping characteristics are ideal. In addition, the cone also has the advantages of light weight, high energy conversion efficiency and so on. The disadvantage is that the cone is more sensitive to temperature and humidity, the impact of the environment is obvious, after several extreme environmental changes may produce irreversible deformation. However, with the advancement of technology, the waterproof performance of the cone will be getting better and better.

Plastic diaphragm, also known as PP sound basin, generally made of polypropylene material, is also a common diaphragm material, it's waterproof and waterproof effect to win the cone diaphragm many, but will also be a slight impact. PP sound basin also has excellent damping characteristics, feel cheap beats headphones comfortable and natural, but the rigidity of the general, the performance of high frequency easy cheap beats by dre to produce distortion. Because it is chorus material, PP sound pot for later improvement, such as on the basis of the existing, you can add other materials to overcome a certain lack of to achieve an ideal state.

Metal diaphragm is generally made of aluminum or its alloy material, in the sound characteristics of the distinctive, in the dynamic and analytical performance of the outstanding, can be a good control of distortion. Only the damping characteristics of the metal diaphragm are relatively weak, the performance of high frequency is easy to produce "metal sound" (that is, high frequency side of the basin split phenomenon), but can be applied in the diaphragm surface to enhance the special coating. In addition, the metal diaphragm on the circuit has more design requirements, virtually increase the cost.

Synthetic fiber diaphragm material is from the aviation military materials transplanted, light weight, has a high strength and rigidity, with a variety of other material diaphragm characteristics, is the high cost of manufacturing, generally found in high-level speakers. Synthetic fiber diaphragm damping characteristics still need to be strengthened, can be through the current sandwich or coating, etc. to achieve. In addition to the above four kinds of diaphragm, in addition to graphite fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, bakelite and other materials of the speaker diaphragm, but the application is not much, rarely seen in the market. In fact, the sound characteristics of different speakers, the diaphragm material has different requirements, tweeter and woofer diaphragm material is not the same.