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Pull the wind and listen to the headphones, sports it is none other!

In recent years, people's new wireless headset to let us regain freedom, so that we are no longer bound by the line. That being the case, why not beats by dre wireless let liberation come more thoroughly? Specifically for the head of the smaller users (especially women and adolescents), adjusted after the hanging size, the new candy powder, mint green two color, fresh and beautiful. Designed specifically for the movement of bone conduction headphones, the advantages of bone conduction can keep the ears open, people enjoy the wonderful sound at the same time, still keep alert to the surrounding environment. Moreover, the liberation of the ears, beats by dr dre you no longer have to suffer from clogging, slipping, beats by dre cheap pain and other traditional headset trouble. Referred to the principle of bone conduction, we must not feel strange. Bone conduction is a different from the air conduction of the sound transmission, that is, sound waves directly through the bones to the inner ear without tympanic membrane. As early as the 18th century, the principle of bone conduction to help the ears of the great composer Beethoven re-hear the wonderful music.

Beethoven tried a technique invented by cheap beats by dr dre Giovanni, who bite a piece of music connected to the piano to hear the music from the jaw bone, which is the early application of the bone conduction principle of the sound. When we put on the headphones, place the speakers in the right place at the front of the ear, and the vibrations of the music will begin to pass through the facial bones. The combination of high quality hard shock and soft flashers brings a more balanced and rich sound. Advanced digital signal processing greatly improves the audio quality and microphone effect of loudspeakers in noisy environments, making you more stable and clear in the conversation. Traditional headphones because of closed ears, prolonged use will bring discomfort to the eardrum, and even lead to damage to the eardrum. Control the volume of the keys on the other side, it is easy to find. Simple and low-key, will not affect the appearance.