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Novice to buy headphones do not be afraid! Headset enthusiasts also only understand it!

Music can really make people intoxicated, but good music is certainly a good headphones to be perfectly reflected. How to choose headphones? What kind of headphones are suitable for listening to what kind of song? Has become a lot of beats by dre on sale novice problems. In fact, do not worry, understand some of the principles of headphones, coupled with their ears audition, you can find a part of their own headphones, the following examples of examples to introduce their principles. We listen to pop songs or rock and roll, the general move the headphones will be better, moving the headset has an advantage, that is, the bass is very good, it is this moving coil headphones, listening to pop songs, Pro-like feeling, into a strong sense. At the same time it is also a wire-controlled design, but also with a microphone, inserted in the phone on the song, the phone is also convenient to answer. Like listening to classical music or light music, moving the headset is difficult to perfectly reflect the details of the sound more, so the sound will sound some dry, and moving iron headphones are not the same, because it has high resolution and high Sensitivity, the ability to capture the sound is very strong, beats by dre wireless so it will be issued more full of sound. It is this double-action circle and moving iron combination design headphones, can reflect more sound details at the same time, the bass is very good, can bring us more shocking sound experience.

Double-action iron moving ring combination design, its focus will be the sound details of the richer, while the sound suddenly rose, it is not easy to break the sound, it can give us a warm and thick sound effect, it is in the bass The area was weaker than the above, but also can bring us a shocking voice. In fact, listening to music, headset is better, so big moving coil unit, that is, with high resolution at the same time, the bass will be more prominent, headset is also a less damage beats by dre to the ear, the general ear Headphones for a long time, the ears more or less will be some uncomfortable. It is the initiative to reduce noise headset, according to beats by dre studio individual needs, selective noise reduction, and the earmuffs wrapped very well, the sound insulation is also very good, it is touch headphones, usually very Convenience.