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Monitor headphones for headphones

Some of the shrinkage monitor headphones can be used as a fever headset, but the fever headphones beats by dre sale are not all can be used as a monitor headset, because most of the fever headset sound more serious, or the frequency band of the whole frequency curve is not straight, or phase characteristics Bad, although the sense of hearing may be quite good, but for some bands or some instruments, the playback effect may be flawed, of course, high-end fever headphones can also be used in the studio, but this also and sound engineer Personal preferences related. Many recorders used to use a model of headphones, has developed its own listening habits, generally is not easy to replace their own headset models. Professional monitor headphones and a fever headset there is a difference, because the sound engineer wearing a monitor headphones when working, not like a fan to enjoy music as a cup cheap beats by dr dre of tea cups, travel Zaiyouzai, but very busy, in front of tuning Taiwan's fader, peripheral cheap beats by dre equipment, parameters of the knob, the level of what recording equipment, should be timely adjustment, people are kept in motion, for the headset to put forward a request to wear more tightly tight, Can not easily fall. So, listen to the headset has a parameter called average pressure on the ear (average ear pressure), that is, headphones on the ear of the pressure value, professional monitoring headphones ear pressure is generally greater than the cheap beats fever headphones. In addition, the monitor headphones are generally no volume adjustment function.