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Headphones are very common, how can we choose?

Headphones in the real life is very common, but because it is too common, so many people do not know how to choose, most people have always thought that the more expensive the better, in fact, not the election headphones to see what you like to listen to music, And then select the corresponding headphones in order to better play the headset function, like to listen to pop songs, then select the moving coil drive unit headphones better, like to listen to light music, then move the iron better in the office to listen Song or at home listening to music, and still like to listen to light music friends, it is necessary to choose a more sensitive headphones. It is a pair of headset and moving iron combination design, can better restore the human voice, more sound details can be a good expression, while the bass effect is also very surging. Now the community is very trend, but also the emergence of a lot of the tide, the trend of people, most still like to listen to pop songs or rock and roll, to meet this requirement, in fact, the use of moving coil drive unit design headphones are completely enough Can restore a more realistic sound field, give us immersive enjoyment, while the wire is also very convenient.

Now the pace of life is relatively fast, can be better and more direct to relax themselves, then out of the sport is one of the best way, it is a section of wireless headphones, wireless Bluetooth can get rid of the shackles of cable, while life Electricity is also sufficient, generally filled, you can use five or six hours or so no problem. Business needs of friends, or have a more casual style of friends, choose a neck hanging headphones is beats by dre cheap necessary, many people also respond, neck hanging headphones to bring a high value, can be beats by dre studio very direct for your External beats by dre image plus points. It is connected to the Bluetooth connection, cheap beats but also built a large capacity battery, a full use of sustainable use about five or six hours.